FIGMENT First Night Thank You!

FIGMENT First Night Thank You!

Thank you for Participating

We shared an absolutely amazing time together on the Boston Common this New Year’s Eve! Thank you for participating, volunteering, and bringing your art to FIGMENT First Night! Your creative spirits truly lit up Boston Common in celebration of art and a culture where everything is possible.

Keep the conversation going with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram, and help us spread the word about Figment Boston by sharing your photos, videos and experiences from the event with your friends!

Please send your (curated) photos or video of the event to, and if you have lost or found something please let us know.

And now for exciting FIGMENT Boston news for 2014: 

We’re gearing up for our main event, July 26-27th on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. With this in mind, we have a few transitions going on with the crew responsible for bringing you these amazing events.  Jason Turgeon, the man who brought FIGMENT to Boston, and FIGMENT Boston producer for the past 4 years, is passing the torch to Anne Lodick, who has been working with FIGMENT Boston for the past 3 years as Communications Director and co-producer of FIGMENT First Night.  Thank you Jason! We are so grateful for all that you have done for FIGMENT and for public art in Boston!

FIGMENT Boston would not have been possible without the massive contributions of the volunteers and artists. FIGMENT is growing and we’re looking for more people to help year-round with bringing participatory art and events to public spaces in Boston.  If you’re interested in being part of the team of organizers, send us an email at We are excited for our summer event and look forward to seeing what you bring in 2014!

FIGMENT is a gift that we all give to the Boston community, with our time, our effort, love, and financial support. Your participation and generous donations help to make it all happen. If you had a great time at FIGMENT and want to keep us going strong, please consider supporting FIGMENT Boston by joining the FIGMENT 100!

People who join the FIGMENT 100 help sustain us year-round by sending $5 to $50 a month.  Please donate to FIGMENT BOSTON online, either as a one-time donation or by joining the FIGMENT 100. You can make a huge difference to FIGMENT with a small monthly donation and the more people on board, the merrier! Tell your friends that you’re part of the FIGMENT 100 and invite them to join you!